35 Hz Illuminated Sculpture

I designed this sine wave sculpture as part of Windsor’s 2016 W.A.V.E.S. festival to accurately show a 35 Hz sine wave, the same frequency as “The Windsor Hum”. Made with 100 bicycle lights that were donated to local cyclists after the festival.

Bedroom Electronics Workbench

Plywood and Aluminum electronics workbench designed to fit in a bedroom. Includes adjustable shelves and tool cart on casters for portability.

Stuffomatic (Light-Up Bins)

Component bins with locator LED’s and microcontroller bill-of-material reader for efficient manual “pick-and-place” of electronic components.

AR XB Wooden Turntable Base

Replacing the vinyl covered particle board base of an Acoustic Research XB turntable with a solid wood base made from a piece of rough Black Walnut.

Deluxe Reverb Rebuild

Rebuilding an early 70’s Fender Deluxe Reverb, using the original AB763 schematic. New wiring, resistors, capacitors, 3-prong power cord, etc.

Light Bar

I built this strip of 128 purple LED’s in 2008 specifically for my apartment in Wellington, New Zealand. The lights have 16 different patterns and each one uses the microprocessor’s pseudo-random number generator in different ways to generate moving patterns.

Bike Cam

I designed and built this set-up, so that the user can operate a video camera while riding a bicycle. Recording controls and microphones are mounted at the handlebar and the recording deck and battery are stored in a lexan crash enclosure inside a pannier. The camera itself sits at the end of an adjustable 1M long boom that can collapse down to 30cm.

Spring Reverb for Guitar

This is a spring reverb unit built to use with guitar. Uses an Accutronics reverb tank and a fairly simple solid-state driver and recovery circuit. Fun project, and a good use of scrap wood.

Hi-Fi Speakers

The first pair of speakers I built were the dB61TL, a transmission line speaker designed by Dave Brown that uses Dayton woofers and silk-dome tweeters. I have also built a pair of bookshelf speakers using Tang Band full range drivers.

Bike Shirt

A simple sewing project to add bicycle jersey style pockets to the back of a t-shirt. Rear pockets are perfect for holding keys, wallet and digital camera while cycling, without having to wear spandex.

Reverse Clock

After getting used to reading this reverse clock all the time, I found it hard to tell time on a regular clock. This clock also gauges productivity and consumer confidence.

Pan-Tilt Webcam

For several years, this webcam was mounted on the ceiling of my workshop. Users were able to watch live video over the internet while moving the camera arbitrarily, or to preset locations through a custom graphic interface. Used stepper motors salvaged from 5.25″ floppy disk drives.

Make Fish Talk

Make Fish Talk allowed people over the internet to type in a phrase to be “spoken” by my goldfish (through a speaker hidden behind the tank). Users could select between different synthesized voices for the snale or either of the two fish; Fish[0] or Fish[1] (yes, that was their names).

Atari Online

This was the first time that an Atari game happened across the internet. User’s input through a web interface was passed directly to a real Atari 2600. In practice, the lag made playing most games nearly impossible. This was online between 2002-2004.

Control The Car

This was my first web project, and is still my favourite! Started at the end of 2000, this was a yellow radio controlled VW Beetle that was able to be controlled over the internet. The car was on a custom sound-dampened table top with cushioned walls and a web cam mounted overhead. Users could control and watch the car through the web interface.