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Songs: Molina, A Memorial Electric Co. in Chicago

New Base for AR-XB Turntable

Finally done! This project has been on the back burner for 2 years, when I first picked up a really nice piece of rough cut Black Walnut. The base of my Acoustic Research XB turntable was originally made of particle board and covered with plastic printed to look like walnut. The company’s previous turntable used real wood, so I’m guessing it was a cost-cutting measure.

I wanted to make the new base match the original dimensions and design exactly. It ended up being more complicated than I anticipated, the most detail is actually at the back where I ended up using the original base as a template to copy a curved cut-out where the cords exit.

I know it’s not as impressive as making a chair , but this project makes me remember two years of acquiring tools, restoring them and learning how to use them safely. I can’t say the turntable sounds any better, but I’m happy the particle board is gone.

Love it or leave it

It was very interesting to see the Canadian media’s reaction to Neil Young’s comments about the tar sands. Was he right, does Fort McMurray look like Hiroshima?

Strangely, you can find out for yourself by dropping a virtual bomb on the tar sands using Nuke Map. Go to “57.02°N 111.65°W”, switch to Satellite view, select “Little Boy” and hit the Detonate button.

If you don’t have the patience, here’s the spoiler: It looks like you need to drop at least 15 nukes to match the size of the tar sands – or just 1 Dong Feng-5, China’s current intercontinental ballistic missile.

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