Sennheiser HD 555 to HD 595 Mod: Save $150 by removing a piece of foam from your moderately priced headphones, to turn them into high-end headphones.

University of Windsor Elevator and Emergency Phonebook V1.3: A list of phone numbers for elevators and outdoor emergency call boxes on the campus of the University of Windsor Ontario, Canada. For research purposes, of course.

University of Windsor Tunnel Map [COMING SOON]: A map of the underground utility / steam tunnels at the University of Windsor Ontario, Canada. For research purposes, of course.


The Cross Canada Project

A documentary about bicycle touring over 7000 KM across Canada. Filmed using a specially designed weatherproof camera mounted to the bicycle. 62 Minutes, Colour.
View Website

Exploring The David Broderick Tower

Filmed from the ground level to the roof of a 35 story abandoned building in downtown Detroit. 17 Minutes, Colour.
Watch Online, Download [MP4/h.264, 86MB]

The Moon Patrol Go To Brantford

Following The Moon Patrol down the 401 to play a benefit concert in Brantford, Ontario. 60 Minutes, Black and White.
Watch Online, Download [MP4/h.264, 298MB]


The Feminists

Pre-Proto Feminist Post-Punk that was ahead of it’s time in obsolesence. Laura C-Chord and Amynda D. Poprovera, Elanor “Don’t Spoil Your Appetite/Fighting For Equal Rights” Gateau.
Downloads: Live at the Carhole (2004), A Woman’s Work is Never Done (2004).


Originally formed to recreate Devo’s first album “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo!” just for shits. Mike Beauchamp, Dave Dupuis, Joel Janisse, Pat Power and Mark Trudell.
Downloads: This Not This E.P. (2003), Live at The Press Club (2002).

The Moon Patrol

A website described us as “Tongue-in-cheek indie rock”, and I think that’s pretty accurate. Mike Beauchamp, Eric Schiller and Darryl Ulch.
Downloads: Tape (1998), From The Basement To The Bedroom E.P. (1999),
Unnamed CD (2000).