A Welcome Breeze time-lapse video

For a few months in 2009 I was running around Wellington New Zealand shooting time-lapse videos with a hacked $100 digital camera. I saw Koyaanisqatsi a few months earlier and wanted to make my own version for some reason, but only ended up shooting about 20% of the stuff I wanted to before my concentration wandered to something else (or nothing at all).

Last year my buddy Brian asked me to film his band A Welcome Breeze playing downtown. After I was done editing that video, I decided to put his music to the old time-lapse footage I had and things fell pretty nicely together. Now, standing in a grocery store for 60 minutes while trying to hide a camera doesn’t seem like a complete waste of time, thank you Brian!

snow stuffs

Songs: Molina, A Memorial Electric Co. in Chicago

uncle sam, goddamn

Here’s To Now