Chicago 2015

Some megabus action to Chicago from Detroit to see my kiwi mate Alex. While we were there, we slightly abused some Divvy bikes (and took them out of state!).

Gaming survey

Hey everyone,
I’m currently taking a business course online through MITx, and if you have a few minutes to fill out my little survey on gaming it would help with the final assignment!

Tech Talk: Therevox. June 26th

This will be fun! I’ve been asked by HackForge, Windsor’s local hackerspace to give a talk about therevox. It will be on June 26th at 6PM at the central branch of the Windsor Public Library. More info on the Meetup page.

I haven’t planned what I’m going to talk about yet, but I’ll be showing some early prototype stuff and hopefully have an ET-4.3 for people to try out.

Reverse Demolitions

A video I made for my buddy Brian‘s song that he’s entered into the CBC Searchlight competition.

A Welcome Breeze time-lapse video

For a few months in 2009 I was running around Wellington New Zealand shooting time-lapse videos with a hacked $100 digital camera. I saw Koyaanisqatsi a few months earlier and wanted to make my own version for some reason, but only ended up shooting about 20% of the stuff I wanted to before my concentration wandered to something else (or nothing at all).

Last year my buddy Brian asked me to film his band A Welcome Breeze playing downtown. After I was done editing that video, I decided to put his music to the old time-lapse footage I had and things fell pretty nicely together. Now, standing in a grocery store for 60 minutes while trying to hide a camera doesn’t seem like a complete waste of time, thank you Brian!