I’m Mike. I was born in 1980 and I’m currently living in Windsor Ontario Canada. I occasionally build and invent things, and I enjoy fixing and restoring old technology. According to Meyers-Briggs, I’m an ENTP. I like playing around with cameras, bicycles and guitars. Lately I’ve been enjoying archery and mountain biking on former Windsor landfills.

I’ve been spending most of my time building musical instruments at Therevox and making guitar amps sound great again at White Spruce Amplification.

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You can also find me on Couchsurfing.

About this website

mikebeauchamp.com has been up since 2000, and this is the third version of the site. This site uses WordPress, NextGEN Gallery, Shutter Reloaded, JW Player, PHP and MySQL.

Images for this design were taken from the book “The Computer Age” by Martin Campbell-Kelly, copyright 1978 by Wayland Publishers Limited. The preface reads:

The post-war era has seen a second industrial revolution – a revolution brought about by the computer. Today more than ever, computers lie at the heart of government and commerce. They affect almost every aspect of our daily lives, from computer controlled traffic lights, to examination marking. Like it or not we depend on these machines more and more. Will computers bring a golden age of leisure and knowledge, or a world of emotionless robots? The computer master or slave? – The choice is ours.