Model D Circuit Board

Recently Behringer, a very large German music equipment company put out a synthesizer that was an exact, albeit shrunken down version of the much loved Minimoog. A lot has changed in the world of electronics manufacturing in the 48 years since the release of the original synthesizer. Here are some pictures of the Behringer Model D’s circuit board.

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From something that cost nearly $10,000 (adjusted for inflation) in 1970 to one that was $250 in 2017. Fran’s video showing a circuit board from an Apollo Saturn V launch computer shows the start of the miniaturization process that got us here. While I’ve read a lot of negative comments regarding this company’s decision to release a very affordable version of this vintage synthesizer, I can’t help thinking that Bob Moog himself would be amazed to see the progress that we’ve made in electronics manufacturing and automation. If Dr. Moog designed his synthesizer today, the inside of it would look very similar to this – not sure if he would have made the knobs so small and close though.