problems and solutions

Last Words to an America in Decline – Ernest Callenbach

We live, then, in a dark time here on our tiny precious planet. Ecological devastation, political and economic collapse, irreconcilable ideological and religious conflict, poverty, famine: the end of the overshoot of cheap-oil-based consumer capitalist expansionism.

I love spending time reading, thinking and bending ears about the clusterfuck we’ve gotten ourselves into. But lately I’ve been thinking the rewards in saying “I told you so” might not me worth the time and effort. The people I admire the most lately would also agree with Ernest Callenbach, but are too busy solving these problems to have read the article.

Coming back to North America has been equal parts inpsiring and depressing. I get overwhelmed with all the problems, but amazed at the solutions. To quote Neil Young: I have hope, but you can’t eat hope.