Fixing some hi-fi stuff

It seems as though my latest “thing” is hi-fi equipment (again). Here’s some pictures from some stuff I’ve been fixing up recently.

Sound Dynamics Speakers

Last week I replaced the woofers in a pair of old Sound Dynamics speakers, which were made in Canada. Not exactly expensive speakers, but were still worth bringing back to life. One woofer was replaced by a car-audio type driver, and the other woofer had the foam surround deteriorated, so I replaced both. The end result is pretty nice, and I think these may be used for speakers in the workshop.

Acoustic Research AR-XB turntable

I really wanted to get into vinyl records in the last few years, but didn’t want to start a collection in New Zealand because it would be too hard to bring back to Canada. So one of the first things I did when I got back to Canada was find an old turntable! This is an Acoustic Research AR-XB that came from a very very smokey house. It took about 2 hours to strip the turntable down to clean the tobacco smoke off of it.

Thanks to John for giving me a new cartridge for this.. it sounds great. If you’re in the Windsor area and you have any old albums, I may be interested.. shoot me an email.

Mission 707 Speakers

My friend John brought over a pair of Mission 707 speakers that had the foam surround completely gone on them. We glued on a new rubber surround, and they were good as new. It was interesting to see “Toronto Canada” printed on the back of the woofer, because I never knew that Mission manufactured speakers and drivers in Canada. Of course, this was back when we used to actually manufacture things in North America… beautiful speakers too.